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breathe. announces a strategic partnership with EMX Digital

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

At breathe. we are truly beside ourselves with glee! Not only is it Friday, it is also with absolute pleasure we announce our brand new partnership with EMX, a global digital advertising marketplace which includes CTV, Video and Display (10th largest SSP in terms of scale globally). EMX can be found nestled at the intersection of data and media. It connects the industry around what matters: maximum ROI. Whether you’re a publisher, ad tech provider, advertiser or an agency, you’ll benefit from reduced waste, higher-quality inventory, precise targeting, and full transparency.

All this amazing inventory can be accessed either programmatically via a lovingly crafted PMP leveraging our localised knowledge and expertise or if you prefer we carry the load you can choose the fully managed route, it’s completely up to you.

This partnership between breathe. and EMX brings together complementary capabilities and expertise which enable us to better serve APAC advertisers. Together we will continue to develop and deploy new capabilities, including integrations with other partners and technologies that add more value and ROI to our clients.


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